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How do I use Zapier Integration?

Zapier integration for Vookmark is available only to Vookmark Pro users. Learn more about Vookmark Pro here.

As a Vookmark Pro user, you will be able to create Zaps to automatically vookmark new videos from an YouTube channel into your Vookmark account.

Steps to link Zapier and Vookmark:

  1. Become a Vookmark Pro user 
  2. Generate API Key from the "My Account" section of the web interface and copy it
  3. Navigate to Zapier.com
  4. Under Connected Accounts, search for Vookmark and click on the result
  5. In the modal popup, paste the API Key copied from Vookmark
  6. Click "Yes, continue"
  7. Your Vookmark account is now linked

Steps to setup a Zap:

  1. Click on "Make a Zap" on Zapier.com
  2. Select the trigger app as YouTube and the YouTube trigger as "New Video in Channel"
  3. Enter the YouTube Channel ID. The Channel ID looks something like this "channel/UClKO7be7O9cUGL94PHnAeOA".
  4. In the "Action" section, choose Vookmark as your app
  5. Select "YouTube.com URL" field from the list
  6. Test your Zap and you are good to go!

Note: You will have to create individual Zaps for every YouTube channel you want to track.